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About Eyelashes

The average life span of an eyelash is about 60-90 days. Each lash is on its own phase of the growth cycle. Some are just growing in while others are ready to shed. On average, you lose between 1-4 lashes every day.

What are semi-permanent eyelash extensions?

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are a revolutionary technique that will provide you with longer, thicker, natural looking eyelashes. They are single synthetic strands of eyelashes applied ONE by ONE directly to each of your individual eyelashes with a medical grade adhesive. No adhesive will ever touch the skin. They are almost weightless, feel and look completely natural, and are available in different lengths, thickness and curls to create your desired effect. You can roll out of bed for weeks with long, voluminous lashes. NO MASCARA REQUIRED! Eyelash extensions are waterproof, sweat-proof, tear-proof, and swim, spa, and sauna safe.

Are these the same as "cluster" or "flare"eyelash extensions?

NO! Cluster and flare eyelash extensions are 5-8 blunt end eyelashes knotted together in a bunch. You can get a very full look in a short appointment. They can be applied either directly to the skin or on top of a group of existing eyelashes. Cluster lashes are blunt at the end which creates a stiff, abnormal appearance. Eyelash clusters that are adhered to natural lashes need to be placed on top of several lashes at once due to their large size and weight, which cannot be supported by a single eyelash. Natural lashes grow in different cycles. When they are glued together to support flares and left in place for a period of time, the flares will cause faster growing natural lashes to prematurely pull out slower growing lashes from the root because they are adhered together. This can result in permanent damage and eyelash baldness if done repeatedly! If flares are attached to the skin, the adhesive can damage the follicle, irritate the eye, and increase the risk of infections. These last no longer than a week. Did you know that some places offering these types of lashes are actually using hair extension glue to apply them to your eyes? This is very unsafe and can cause major problems and infections in your eyes! We only use single strands of eyelashes applied ONE by ONE. There is a difference!!!

What is the application process like?

It is a meticulous process that requires patience and concentration, therefore it should not be rushed so that you can leave with a perfect set of eyelashes. You relax with your eyes closed for approximately 2 hours for a full set and 1 hour for touch up visits. There is no pain as this is a non-invasive procedure. Most clients enjoy a nap or listen to their own music during the application process.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Factors such as your eyelash characteristics, lifestyle, and general care will affect how long your eyelash extensions last. Some individual lashes may last as long as 1-2 months, but your whole set wont last that long because of the natural life cycle of your lashes. Touch ups are recommended every 2-4 weeks to maintain fullness.

Do eyelash extensions damage your natural eyelashes?

No. Eyelash extensions do not damage your natural eyelashes unless incorrect after care takes place. Your natural lashes will not be damaged unless they are pulled out deliberately.

Can I wear mascara with my eyelash extensions?

One of the benefits of eyelash extensions is that your eyelashes will look so long, beautiful, and dark that you won’t need to use mascara anymore! However, if you still want to wear mascara DO NOT use regular or waterproof mascara. Most brands of mascara contain chemical properties and oils that will dissolve the adhesive. Removing mascara from your eyelashes can cause the extensions to fall off prematurely as well. If you want to further enhance your extensions, I have a specially formulated eyelash extension mascara that is ideal for your extensions. If you do decide to wear mascara, it should be used on the tips of the eyelashes ONLY! Applying mascara near the base of your eyelashes may cause the extensions to fall off. Be very careful when doing this!

Special Occasion Lashes

I suggest coming in for a full set at least 2 weeks prior to a big event or wedding. This would give us time to observe for any type of allergic reaction that may develop from the adhesive. Even with the safest and highest quality brand in the industry, you want to be 100% sure for the big day and rule out any possible allergies or sensitivities. A reaction is very rare and the majority of people have no problem, but this should be informed to all clients.

Touch Ups

For best results and to maintain fullness, we recommend getting touch ups every 2-3 weeks. Overdue touch ups can cost as much as a full set. To avoid this cost, please schedule your return visits as advised. With routine touch ups you can have amazing eyelashes indefinitely!

How do I prepare for the application process?

To maximize the time with your lash artist, come to each appointment on time with clean eyes free of makeup and oils. Thoroughly cleanse your eyelashes with a mild, OIL FREE cleanser and makeup remover. If you regularly wear false lashes or mascara, please spend extra time cleansing your eyelashes before you arrive for your service. Avoid caffeinated beverages or medications that will cause you to feel jittery. Feel free to bring an iPod to listen to music during the process.